Technology not your strong point?
From graphic design, to complete website creation and online marketing, S3 can help your business navigate the digital marketplace with ease. Let me help get your business off the ground in the digital world by building your online presence, AND in the real world by bringing seamless digital integration to your organization or business.



Graphic Design

Web Design

Technology Consulting

Troubleshooting & Repair

Let me help you decide when and how to upgrade your existing computers, printers, or office equipment, then get it all installed in your home or office.  Advice and experience you can rely on, at a price you can afford. That's how S3 makes technology easy.
It's hard to run your business when your computers, cell phone, and other technology doesn't work. I can help get you back up and running through virus removal, fix connectivity issues, and make sure technology is helping grow your business, not hold it back.
Whether you need help setting up a social media page with some custom graphics, need a logo for your business or organization, or need something special like flyers, invitations or business cards, let me help you create the perfect design to fit your needs.
I'll work with you to create a custom site that meets your needs and budget, and one that can grow over time as your needs change. I'll handle everything from graphic design, to search engine optimization, and help manage your online identity.
The number one question and concern about technology is cost, and for good reason. I realize that most small businesses have a limited budget, and I offer all my services at a reasonable rate. I want to help your business grow, and be more successful. Why? Because it's my passion, and because every small business I help along the way also helps my own small business grow. 
​I'm sure you've noticed while doing research on web design, computer repair, or consulting, that it's hard to nail down a specific price for any individual service.  Why? Because every situation is different.

No two websites are the same, the same as no two business needs when it comes to technology are the same. Contact me today and let me work with you to develop a plan for your business, at a price you can afford. It's one small business partnering with another. 
Example price points:
Flyers, individual graphics such as logo's, and facebook pages range from $50-$250. Full websites ranging from $250-$1500 on average. Troubleshooting, installation and repair are an hourly rate of $30. Prices that won't break the bank, with service that is quick and reliable.


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Questions? Of course you have questions! The first step is simply asking questions. Graphics, websites, computers.... It's all complicated stuff. That's why it's my goal to help make technology easy for you!
Fill out this simple form below, and take the first step to help get your business or organization heading in the right direction when it comes to the digital marketplace, and all your technology needs.

No Pressure.

For the sake of full disclosure...

I want to help your business grow, not create any pressure or force you to make impulsive financial decisions that will affect your business or personal finances. S3 Design Company is my passion, not my day job. I do not rely on the income from S3 Designs to provide for my family, so I will never pressure you to make any decision at your expense to benefit myself. I may even tell you your business needs are too much for me to take on at the time. I would love to answer any questions you have, and have the opportunity to provide technology solutions for your growing business.
How can S3 Design Company help YOUR business grow?